Your birth chart is a Divine photograph of the essence of you. It reflects your hopes and dreams, your karmic lessons, your mission for this lifetime, the sort of companions you need to enhance your journey and the gifts that you brought along to share with the world. Your horoscope is a reminder from God of who you really are and what you came here to do.


We all lose our way from time to time, forgetting our mission, losing our sense of self and drifting away from our source of joy and soulful nourishment. Astrology can plug you back in. It can reconnect you with your soul. Astrology is great when you're at a crossroads and need a signpost to point the way forward. It's invaluable when you're having difficulties with another person, be it a child, parent, friend or lover.  It's perfect for answering those practical questions like will the house sell? through to the bigger, more philosophical questions of what's my purpose and why do I keep making the same mistakes in life?


Astrology can reveal the hidden root of an illness, how long it's likely to last and what you can do to get yourself better. Astrology can advise when to make a move and when you'd be better off lying low for a while.


All in all, astrology is a gift from God, earning it the title of The Divine Science, and wisely used it can answer pretty much any question you're ever likely to have, as well as guiding you towards manifesting the happiness that comes from living a life in alignment with your true self.

2022 is here. How can you make the most of what lies ahead?

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