During troubled times we have a natural tendency to look to the heavens for insight, guidance and hope. Having a celestial guide at your side to help you understand what kind of changes you can expect and how to best respond can be invaluable and enables you to have a head start on what lies ahead. Ultimately, the times we are in now are calling for people to allow their souls to shine through, which may initially mean making some difficult choices but which in the long run will lead to increasing states of joy, inspiration and a feeling of finally being on the right path.

My Astrological & Tarot readings, Spirit Guide and Yearly Forecast reports are designed to help you make the shift from your old self to new self, whilst dealing with everything in between. If you are at a crossroads or a turning point, if things are difficult, if you're feeling stuck and want to move on, if you're feeling pulled towards something but don't yet know how to get there, then it may well be that your soul is calling for change and now is the time to be bold and brave. Or you may simply need support as you deal with whatever the universe is bringing or taking away.

A study of your astrological chart will show which themes are being activated in your life and which direction you need to proceed in, whilst Tarot and Angel cards impart extra divine guidance helping to make sure you're on the right path. Vibrational flower essences supply the practical healing side of things, gently dissolving blocks, fears and anxieties, releasing past karma and keeping you strong mentally, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

If you're ready to move forward and want to get yourself on the right path book your session today.   Call Donna on 01484 721162 or email:  dt@creative-astrology.co.uk


Christmas is coming! Individually prepared Astrological reports make meaningful and thoughtful gifts.

Choose from the popular Spirit Guide for those interested in their karmic journey, or the Yearly Forecast to navigate the times ahead, or the Child Profile - perfect for parents.

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