Astrology and Tarot, General Reading 
This reading looks at your year ahead, beginning with where you are now, identifying current challenges and opportunities, as well as revealing your key lessons and soul purpose in this lifetime. Tarot and Angel cards form an integral part of the reading, helping to point you in the right direction. A Flower Essence tincture can be made up for you at the end of your session to help bring balance to any mental or emotional disturbances, blockages or transitional states.
£90 (includes an hour's prep work on your chart beforehand and up to an hour and a half with me in person.) Flower Essence Tincture can be purchases as part of the session for £10

Follow ups or shorter sessions: £70 for the hour. As above, but less detailed. These sessions work well if you've already had a full consultation in the last year, or if your needs are more simple. You can also book a follow up session if you want to work on a particular issue.

Karmic Clearing.  

Working with your horoscope and Angel/Spiritual cards, a karmic clearing session is designed to help you move into your best future by revealing what you need to let go of, including past life patterns and hidden blocks which could be preventing you from fulfilling your divine plan. You will also be prescribed a flower/vibrational essence tincture to help remove your blocks so that you can align with the higher energies, move forward and fulfil your purpose.  £120


Body, Mind & Soul Healing Sessions. 

Whether your condition is physical or mental, the answers are concealed in your horoscope, as your planetary combinations reveal your inherent weaknesses and what you need to do to correct them. If you would like to take control of your health and have more energy and vitality; if you have a chronic illness that you need help with; if you're peri/menopausal, or if your mental state is getting you down, a Body, Mind & Soul Healing Session  will give you the information and tools you need to make empowering changes.          

This consultation uses Medical Astrology, flower essences and healing cards, plus an action plan to help get you get better.

£150 initial consultation. £90 follow ups (if required)


Horary: Prices vary between £70 and £200 depending upon the question and subject matter; for example, medical questions often cost more than questions of a more general nature.  Please submit your question in as simple a way as possible to me via email or phone. Please also state whether your question is urgent or not. Once agreed that we will go ahead, I will study the chart of the moment of your question and give you a written response. Because this service doesn't have a fixed price, it can't be ordered online. Once I have received your question I will give you an estimate and payment can be made via Paypal or bank transfer.

Flower Essence Consultations: £60 per hour,  £35  per half hour session. £10 when prescribed as part of a reading.  Flower Essence consultations can either be via email, phone, or in person. 

If you would like to book a reading please email or phone to check availability. 

Tel: 01484 721162

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Choose from the popular Spirit Guide for those interested in their karmic journey, or the Yearly Forecast to navigate the times ahead, or the Child Profile - perfect for parents.

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