'How to use the Healing Power of Your Planets' is a book that will help you transform your health on every level. Taking you through each one of the planets and their role in your health and wellbeing, the reader gains an insight into how to live more harmoniously with these powerful energies inherent within each of us.

Donna believes that there's always an underlying cause to our symptoms or illness, and these causes are frequently connected with suppressed emotions and frustrated needs, blockages and energy imbalances. In this book, Donna shows you how to transform the negative energies and blockages which have created your illness into a positive force that creates greater fulfilment in your life.

Look up your planetary aspects to discover what physical and emotional problems you are most susceptible to and how to turn them around by following the recommendations which include Bach Flowers, Aromatherapy oils, nutritional supplements and suggestions for different ways of thinking and behaving. 

There's also a comprehensive section on transits and how to deal with the stressful ones, by understanding what the transit is asking of you and how to best meet the challenge. Learn to recognise the signposts of particular planetary transits and discover the best tips and techniques for dealing with them.

Finally, the chapter on how to determine what kind of therapy would best suit your needs is essential reading if you're unsure how to treat your symptoms. 

Below is a selection of reviews:

'This is a well researched and comprehensive book which shows how to use the birth chart to identify and heal areas of weakness in physical, mental and emotional health. The author's style is clear and friendly and I found the insights it gave me into my own weak areas were incredibly accurate. It is an excellent book for anyone interested in health and healing, holistic therapies and/or astrology. A Pioneering Book.' Reviewer unknown
'An absolutely fascinating book - interesting, easy reading and it will really help me with my clients. A wonderful book.' -  Jean Lane

 'One of the best books I have ever read on astrology.'  A. Gray

 'I feel your book is taking astrology in a new and positive direction.'  Bill Streett, M.A.

 'This book was very informative, instructive and simple to use and understand. Once you have your astrological chart in front of you then you can begin to go through the book, starting with the Sun, discovering what the aspects to the other planets signify for your health and wellbeing. In my case it was remarkably accurate and highlighted the areas where I need to take extra care. Donna Taylor suggests various remedies which can be implemented to good effect, which may help to ease the problems. It covers all of the aspects very comprehensively and is an excellent self-help guide for our health. '  By A Customer

'This book contains more insight and wisdom than you can imagine. It helps you to understand the more "physical" effects of the planets on and within your body. Reading this book helped me to see myself in a new light and I love this practical approach to astrology! To deepen your understanding, it is also possible to book a session with the author. One single session enabled me to heal painful symptoms I had suffered from for years - a Godsend!'  - Titania.  (Jan 2012)

'This is a fascinating book. It is a book that can be kept for reference purposes and can be looked at again and again. A necessary buy if you like self-help books.' 
Psychic Voice

'Use this book with clients when they are stuck or can't move on.'  D. O.  (2014)

'Just wanted to congratulate you on your book. It's amazing! Incredibly well researched and I got shivers up the spine at the accuracy of my aspects.'
 C. Janchote

Published by Quantum, priced £8.99. Available at Amazon or direct from the author

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