Horary is the art of divining answers from the sky at a particular moment in time. This can be extremely helpful when we have a pressing question, such as, how will the court case go? What is causing my health condition? Should I go into business? Does he (or she) love me? Should I buy the house? Are my physical symptoms anything to worry about? Will the job I'm considering be good for me? Should I stay or go? Will the cat come back? Should I go on HRT? Or more or less any other question that might be concerning you. If you want to know how a matter will pan out, whether a situation will be good for you or not, or what course of action to take on a specific issue, requesting a horary takes the uncertainty or guesswork out of a dilemma. It can bring peace of mind and reassurance if you're worrying unecessarily, or conversley, it can galvanise you towards the right course of action. It can also save you a lot of wasted time, energy and frustration if you're trying to make something happen that isn't part of your destiny, and it can save you a lot of money and heartache if you're in danger of making a costly mistake. In short, having a Horary Astrologer on hand can be invaluable.

What you need to do.
Once your question is clear in your mind, submit it to me via email, letter or over the phone, and I will study your question and submit my findings to you, usually within a week. Busy periods and holidays may take longer, so please specify if your question is urgent. Some questions require a deeper analysis than others; medical and legal questions for example, require more study than questions regarding a missing cat, or whether you should stay in your current house or move. If I feel it necessary, I will link the horary chart for your question to your natal chart, to gain further insights. Again, this is more likley to be the case with medical/health questions and concerns about vocation and relationships. Because the amount of time taken to work on your question can vary dramatically, it is advisable to get an estimate as the price can vary between £70 and £200. My specialities in this field are Medical/Health, Relationships and Vocation/Jobs. 

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