2023 looks set to be a year of great change, and is likely to pose some significant challenges. We are moving deeper into transition as the old ways and structures collapse and we must be willing to release that which no longer serves us in our own lives. Each of the signs are being affected differently by the big planetary changes this year, but we are all being pushed towards evolutionary growth. Your sun sign gives a clue as to how to make your evolutionary jump and embrace your spiritual awakening. So be bold, be brave and move towards the new! 


"What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us."

 - Julia Cameron

The main focus for you in 2023 will be on your material life; this includes your job, your money, possessions and all the things you value. There are likely to be opportunities for growth and change in these areas and so rather than sticking with the status quo or playing it too safe, it would be advisable to change course or to break a long standing pattern. When Jupiter enters your money zone in May any difficulties or uncertainties are likely to be eased and you could find yourself on the receiving end of the universe's benevolence, perhaps a raise in income, a change in job or switching to a role that feels more satisfying and meaningful. If you have ideas on how to generate more cash then follow them because financial fortune will be in your favour from spring onwards. The trick is to be bold and courageous and to make sure that your life begins to more accurately reflect your truest values. If it does, then this year should be relatively plain sailing with some positive developments that seem to come effortlessly. If however, you have been compromising your wellbeing or happiness for the sake of financial security (or any other security for that matter) this is the year in which a growing sense of dissatisfaction becomes too difficult to ignore.

In the main though, 2023 bodes very well for your finances and your material world, and with a little bit of ingenuity and a willingness to let go of a chapter of your life that is done, you should find that you can easily get more of what you want. Just try to make sure that what you think you want is in line with what your soul wants. If you can do that you should end 2023 with a much greater feeling of alignment and the knowledge that you are growing as a person.




 "Magic is believing in yourself; if you can do that, you can make anything happen."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This is a year of great opportunity for you; the question is will you grasp your opportunities or sit back and take the easier option? Uranus in your sign for the last four years has been encouraging you to break out of any limiting and restrictive situations, whether that was in your work or your personal life. Uranus is still exerting a strong influence which may mean that at times you feel a little unsettled, as though your feet are not quite on solid ground. You may at times feel wired, agitated and restless, sometimes not really knowing why. The answer is likely to be because Uranus is calling for change, but this year it becomes so much easier as Jupiter - planet of good fortune and opportunity - arrives in your sign from May for the following 12 months. This is your call to adventure; your invitation to do something more than you have previously done. And because Jupiter governs confidence and optimism, it will be so much easier to believe in yourself, which in turn is likely to bring opportunities to your door. Meanwhile, Pluto's entry into Aquarius in March signals a shift in your place of power within the world. This year therefore, could see the beginnings of you becoming more of an influence, particularly in the professional sphere. 2023 marks the beginning of a turning point in your life when you can get clear about your life goals and take the first steps to putting them into action.

 All in all, 2023 is asking you to step up to the plate; to let yourself be seen and to believe that you're capable of anything that you can imagine yourself doing.




"We have forgotten the age-old  fact that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions."

- Carl Jung

If you were to look back over the last 14 years you might be inclined to class your life during this period as intense and introspective, or rather dark and dramatic. Pluto's long journey through your zone of transformation may at times have felt like you were being taken into the underworld and put through the emotional wringer, the purpose of which would have been to change you in a profound way. The good news is that this deep dark journey is now pretty much done and you can, in 2023, emerge back out into the topside world and embrace more of the joys that life has to offer. If Pluto's shift into Aquarius signals an end to the personal dark time then Saturn's entry into the career and direction area of your chart suggests a year in which you will be called to greater responsibility, whether in your work or in some other capacity. If you have goals and ambitions Saturn's influence suggests that patience, hard work, perseverance and patience will see you through to a successful outcome, but you will need to put the effort in. This then is likely to be a year with less of a personal focus than previous years and more of a year that sees you directing your energies towards your future and your work. But this year also has a distinctly spiritual flavour, as Jupiter joins Uranus in your zone of soul and contemplation from May. At this point you will benefit from taking time out of the hectic world to be with yourself and your inner needs. Making time for inner activities such as meditation, prayer, dream work, art and self analysis or whatever your soul is pulling you towards, will be vital in keeping you healthy, as the more you can be in touch with the needs of your psyche the more likely you are to avoid life's pitfalls and find yourself in the right place at the right time. Trusting your instincts and following your inner feelings are therefore paramount this year, and you will find that if you get quiet and listen, whether it's listening to your dreams or the signs from the universe, you will hear the quiet whispers of your soul directing you towards manifesting your heaven on earth.



"You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar

Your blessings and opportunities in 2023 are likely to be found in your relations with others, particularly friends and acquaintances, but also potentially through groups and organisations. It may be for example, that you find yourself meeting someone who turns out to be your fairy godmother, or on a smaller scale, an acquaintance or connection who helps you in whatever way they can. This flow of love and support - which is effectively coming from the universe through the guise of others - is likely to help you to move forward in some way, perhaps with helping you to fulfil a dream or a wish, maybe by making things that little bit easier for you or giving you the information that you need, or by introducing you to others who can be instrumental in your progress and good fortune. But it could work the other way around too, in that you are likely to want to help others and make a difference in the world at this pivotal time. Perhaps you'll find yourself at a point somewhere in 2023 where you want to do or give more, and this generosity to others is what will secure your happiness and future blessings. Since what we give out is what we get back, there should be no danger this year of you going short in any way. Actually, you're likely to find that whatever you need appears just at the right time, so it will be in your best interests to simply get on with what you need to do and allow the universe to support you at the appropriate times.

The other piece of good news is that your romantic life can begin to improve as Pluto changes signs and brings an end to any difficulties that you may have faced in your marriage or other close unions. It may be that Pluto's journey through your opposite sign over the last 14 years has tested and strengthened you through conflict, and has prepared you for a phase in your life when you can be free of personal dramas and more able to be a beacon of light in the outside world.

So all in all, this is your year to enjoy the feeling of connecting to your tribe and manifesting your vision in the world. 




"To freely bloom - that is my definition of success." - Gerry Spence.

As 2023 gets under way you might want to consider what success means to you, because this is going to be a major factor in the year ahead. Does it mean the fulfilment of ambitions, or getting promoted or climbing the career ladder? Does it mean recognition and applause? Or is your sense of success more subtle in that you're happy so long as you're doing your job to the best of your ability and serving people in a way that enhances their lives? Or maybe success is bigger than all of that, and it simply means being able to live your life in the way you want to live it. No matter what your definition, the planets are on hand in 2023 to open doors and grant your wishes. If you're seeking a new direction then this is probably the year when it's most likely to happen, or if there's something grand you want to achieve, that too looks much more likely. At the very least, your work looks set to be more satisfying than it's been in a long time and is the area where you can experience the most growth. So seize your opportunities, especially from May when Jupiter enters your success zone, because from this point on you're likely to find that lady luck is on hand to make the path ahead much easier.

The challenges this year are likely to come via your personal life, as Saturn and Pluto highlight areas of discontent and bring them to the surface. Partnerships - whether personal or in business - could see the beginnings of power struggles and issues that bring up deep feelings, to which the answer probably lies in being more conscious about the people who you choose to place your trust in. But in a way, perhaps none of that really matters because there is an element of fate working in your life this year that is likely to set you on a different course towards a brighter future. With that in mind, don't let others drag you down, but instead step forward with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you can't really put a foot wrong this year, especially if you move towards the doors that open and trust that all is going exactly to plan. 




"The realist sees reality as concrete.  The optimist sees reality as clay." - Robert Brault.

As 2023 gets under way it may help to decide which camp you want to be in - the realism camp or the optimism camp - because you're likely to find yourself living out the results of your choice very strongly. There are of course, virtues to being a realist: you don't get disappointed; you're more able to face up to and tackle problems with a stoical approach, and life ticks along pretty much as it did before. The optimist however, although being more prone to disappointment, has more opportunity for growth and experiences, for possibilities and potential. Life becomes more adventurous and open to miracles. And this is a year in which miracles could happen as Uranus and Jupiter journey through your zone of expansion. Life it seems, wants to push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you towards new vistas, whether this is physical adventures or adventures of the mind. It's a great year therefore, to travel or to embark upon higher education, or to immerse yourself in the mysteries of the universe, to study the esoteric or to take a step closer to God. But this is also a year in which Saturn moves into your opposite sign, potentially bringing tests and challenges, particularly in the sphere of relationships and people in general. You may need to take on greater responsibility in some area of life, or you may have to develop a more mature approach, or you may need to reassess a particular relationship and work hard to resolve certain issues. Alternatively, a person in authority could cause you problems.  On the positive side, this would be a good year to make a commitment if all is going well. For most Virgos though, Saturn's weight will be felt as a drop in vital energy and you may therefore, need to pay particular attention to your wellbeing and get the appropriate rest and nutrition. However, fatigue often comes because we're not excited about the days ahead or because we have to face adversities that drain our resources. And so perhaps the answer to this year's question is to be both a realist and an optimist; to believe in miracles and follow your dream, but at the same time to tackle problems head on and to let go of whatever isn't working. That way you should end the year having cleared a bit of a dead wood, realised what's really important to you and be on your way to creating a much more meaningful existence.




"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like."

 - Lao Tzu

There are years in which it feels like we are in control; that we are at the helm of our ship and directing it to where we want to be. Then there are times where it seems as though fate has stepped in, turned the wheel of fortune and catapulted us into a new set of circumstances. This is likely to be a year in which fate will be in charge, and so you will benefit from accepting your reality as it is, allowing what comes to come and embracing all forms of change. The more you can take a flowing approach to life the easier and more magical 2023 is going to be. And it could be magical if you allow it, for the mysteries which aren't readily available or noticeable in the topside world are going to be calling to you like never before. If a crow lands at your window and peers in at you, consult your shamanic oracle and see what Crow's message is for you. Go deep into your meditations and pay particular attention to your dreams and then follow their guidance. Consult the tarot or a Jungian analyst and watch for symbols and numbers that keep repeating in your life. All these unconscious elements carry messages from your psyche that are asking to be integrated so that you can become a more whole person.

On a more mundane level you could see changes in your financial situation, most likely for the better and without you having to do much at all. You could for example, benefit from an inheritance, an insurance pay out, or from money that comes though a partner or someone else who bestows their generosity upon you.  In your intimate relationships too, there could be changes which bring about an awakening, most likely psychological or sexual.  All of this is leading you towards a rebirth; a potential shift in consciousness as you become more aligned with your soul.

You will however, need to pay attention to your health this year, perhaps by being a bit stricter with yourself, making sure you get the appropriate nutrition, exercise and rest. But this is, in the main, a year in which you can say goodbye to the past, particularly difficulties with home, family and childhood ghosts, and prepare yourself for sweeping changes, which if you allow it, will carry you to a place that is better than you could have planned for yourself. 




"Share your life with others. You will have a joyful life." - Lailah Gifty Akita

 If over the last few years your personal life has been a bumpy ride, 2023 has some good news in the form of Jupiter arriving in your relationship zone, bringing positive developments, new beginnings and happy opportunities. This could range from a feeling of liberation from an unhealthy relationship to meeting someone new, from setting up in business with someone, to learning from or be being helped by a professional person. Other options include becoming engaged, married, or spending time with someone who enables you to grow and be more of your true self. In fact, this is the key to 2023: choosing relationships which facilitate your growth and which feel like fun, and allowing those that don't to gently drift into the background. Either way, getting along with others is going to be so much easier this year and there should be one person at least who feels like a good thing. Don't be afraid to break an old pattern of relating if it's going to enable you to experience new possibilities or to choose relationships that are very much different to what you might have known before.

Saturn's change of signs in March means that domestic restrictions and burdens are likely to ease or end this year, so if you've had problems with family members or with your living arrangements, or with your home in general, this is a year in which all that changes for the better. If you have a creative project now is the time to get serious about it, whilst children or animals may require more of your time and energy. Don't be surprised if issues from your past and childhood begin to come up, as this year marks the beginning of a long phase of introspection, as your soul now needs to deal with and integrate or heal any unresolved patterns from the past or unhealthy power dynamics. You need to be careful therefore, that you don't overly try and control those under your influence, or conversely, allow your parents or other authoritarian family members to disempower you or keep you locked in your old roles.

In the main, this year is not so much about pushing out into the world to achieve ambitions, but more a year for allowing people and relationships to take centre stage, and to learn more about yourself through your interactions with others - most of which should be a very pleasant experience.




"People who laugh actually live longer than those who don't laugh. Few persons realize that health actually varies according to the amount of laughter." - James J. Walsh


It may be argued that in today's climate there's not much to laugh about. But actually, it is in the darkest and most difficult times that we need to laugh more. Comedy, jokes and seeing the silly side of life help us to make sense of problems and to not take them so seriously. This then, arms you with a more positive and proactive attitude, enabling you to go out into the world feeling less fearful than those who allow everyday worries and threats to overpower them.  And when it comes to your health, laughter does indeed boost the immune system as many studies have shown.  Since health and wellbeing are a strong focal point in 2023 it makes sense to arm yourself with natural and simple tools for keeping yourself well, and laughter is one of nature's simplest medicines. Fortunately, you shouldn't have too much to worry about as Jupiter's move into your health zone in May is likely to bring a positive and protective influence to bear on your health, so if you've had concerns in this area Jupiter's arrival signals an improvement. Still, it won't hurt to take a more easygoing and fun approach, whilst not overindulging will, in the main, keep you away from the doctor's surgery.

Jupiter will also have a favourable effect on your work, and so your growth and opportunities are most likely to be found in the realm of service to others and/or the healing of yourself or others. One thing is certain, whatever service you provide could become a real source of meaning in 2023.

The main challenge this year will be Saturn's arrival in your domestic sphere. This could reflect a strain in family dynamics or issues with your home, or in what home means to you. There could be more responsibility heaped upon you or burdens and restrictions. Either way, your home or family life may need a little attention this year but the aim is to remove the dead wood so that you can build stronger foundations.  This year could therefore, see you buying or selling a property, downsizing, working on a new home or spending more time with family members who need your support. Whilst Sagittarius thrives on adventure, travel and new experiences, this is more a year of attending to your foundations so that things can be better in the future. But don't worry, there will still be plenty time for fun, creativity and enjoyment though - in fact, Jupiter is going to insist on it!




"Follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." - Steve Jobs


The good news this year is that finally, after 14 long years, Pluto leaves your sign. Why is this good? Because Pluto, or Hades, as he was known in Greek mythology, has a tendency to abduct people and take them down into his underworld. Psychologically speaking, this translates as having to go through some pretty rough patches and experience transformative events, which as you look back over those years may be quite evident. There could have been endings, beginnings, losses, brushes with death, major life changes or experiences that really tested your mettle. Hopefully all this has brought you to a better place. Either it's made you a stronger person and deepened your wisdom and character, or it's removed the aspects of your life that were preventing you from evolving and growing. Pluto will pop back into Capricorn for a spell in 2023 but this should feel more like catching up with an old friend, and will perhaps serve to remind you that you are now a powerful force and can shape your life in the way you want it. This is what you need to remind yourself of when the dilemma is whether to follow your heart or to play it safe, because your spiritual growth this year will come via following your bliss, whether it's exploring your creativity or living a more romantic existence. Remind yourself of that this year if an aspect of your material life is stripped away, whether it's money, your job, future prospects, financial security or what you might think is an important possession. If any of this goes it's probably a blessing in disguise, because it's most likely not in alignment with your true self and may be blocking you from being the person you really want to be.  Or it could be a valuable lesson in cutting your ego down to size if you have invested too much of yourself in things that don't really matter. There are however, only likely to be periods of downheartedness if you don't follow the guidance of the quote at the start of your forecast. Remember, heart and intuition - everything else is secondary.




"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it." 

- George Moore.

One of the key questions for you as you move through 2023 is what is home?  Where is that place that nourishes your soul? What does home feel like? And what is it that enables you to feel safe and secure? Jupiter's move into your domestic zone is a real blessing, especially if things have been unsettled here. There may still be changes but in the main Jupiter's influence will ensure that the changes are to your benefit. There may be a house move. Or you may enjoy lavishing care and attention on your existing home. You may choose to expand your property, add to it in some way, or welcome a new addition to your family. There may be happy occasions and celebrations within the family or simply a sense of growing warmth, happiness and wellbeing as relations with family members are likely to improve.

This is the year to put down roots - to find that place where you really belong, or to strengthen your connection to the place where you already are if it feels fundamentally right. Ultimately, this transit signals a time to come home to yourself, and as such makes this less a year for pushing out into the world and more a time to focus on inner peace and the warmth of your family. This focus on the inner rather than the outer will be intensified by Pluto's arrival in your sign in May. This is a big deal and signals the beginning of some major changes within yourself and your life. Think of it as a rebirth, when all that is isn't serving your evolutionary growth will need to be broken down and released or transformed. You can either resist the process which will prolong the birthing pains, or you can go with it, knowing that you are going through a process of regeneration, which will in the end enable you to emerge as a powerful force for good in the world. The main challenge as you go through 2023 therefore is to reconnect with your soul. Part of this may involve simplifying your life, because as you strip away the superfluous you are left with what's essential. And as you remove those elements of your life that are not nourishing your soul, it will be easier to hear the voice calling you home, the voice of your true self that knows exactly what you need and what you came here to do.



 "A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change." 

- Earl Nightingale.


The big news this year is that Saturn enters your sign in March. This essentially signals a period of growing up, a time of increasing responsibility and maturity. As such, this may not be the easiest or most fun year you've ever had, but it is a year in which your accomplishments could be great. Saturn represents success from one's previous efforts, so if you've put the work in this could actually be a very satisfying year when your chickens come home to roost. If things happen that aren't to your liking, this too is likely to be returning chickens and so you could view this as a year of karma. What you have sown you will now start to reap. Therefore, many lessons can be learned from the events of this year. You may learn what it takes to be successful. Or you may learn what happens if you cut corners, shirk your responsibilities or deceive yourself or others. Bear in mind that Saturn's influence can extend way back so don't berate yourself if you appear to be the victim of misfortune - it could be that the karmic books being balanced from a previous incarnation. Just allow things to happen as they will, trying not to judge them as good or bad, but simply seeing events as a consequence of all that has gone before. 2023 therefore, marks the beginning of a brand new chapter of life when you can start to do things differently - to initiate a new karmic cycle and clear out all the sludge from the past.

On the positive side, Jupiter's move into Taurus is beneficial for you and is favourable for all forms of communication and for putting your ideas out into the world. Perhaps more importantly, it augers the beginning of a new more optimistic way of thinking and since reality is shaped by the dominant thoughts that we hold, we could say that 2023 should end in better shape than it began. As you begin to believe more and more that anything is possible, your vibrant attitude will attract the magic that always surrounds us but which few people ever realise. This is your year to realise that magic, and to make it manifest in your world.


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