The Energies of 2023

Whilst most people will be hoping for easier times after the rough ride of the last three years, the truth is that we have a way to go yet before we get to put our feet up.  2023 will be a dramatic and pivotal year, largely because Pluto makes a shift from Capricorn to Aquarius between March and June. This takes us into a transitional phase, as Pluto will not be fully in one sign or the other, and since he spends such a long period of time in each sign (around 20 years on average) we will have to adjust between the old ways which are collapsing and the new ways which are just beginning to emerge. This is in addition to the ascension process, which is now rapidly increasing.

In transpersonal astrology, Pluto is responsible for evolutionary growth. Wherever he resides in the horoscope and whatever aspects he makes to other planets or angles reveals the evolutionary intent of the soul upon incarnation. Some souls take on a tough life, often to force an evolutionary jump, whilst a Pluto transit pushes us to evolve in ways that aren't always comfortable.  This is why Pluto is both revered and feared. He has a habit of razing to the ground that which is preventing a soul from growing, and since it is human nature to stick with what it knows and what feels safe we don't always welcome Pluto with open arms. When Pluto changes signs, that which is toxic - relative to that sign - rises to the surface for all to see. Think of the emergence of the Aids virus when Pluto was in Scorpio - the sign of sex, or how the dark side of religion was exposed when Pluto was in Sagittarius during the 90's.

Pluto's job over the last 15 years, since 2008, has been to reveal the corruption within the Capricorn framework: government, politics, finance, business, wealth, royalty and the ruling elite - and to subsequently dismantle these structures.  And this it is doing with ruthless efficiency. Perhaps we have felt the devastating reverberations of these structures collapsing more than with other aspects of life, such as religion, because our western society has built its entire modus operandi upon the Capricorn philosophy of Capitalism. The collapse of these structures is ongoing and will continue in the years to come, in much the same way as religion continued to die after Pluto left Sagittarius. Wherever Pluto goes, destruction and transformation follows.

So what can we expect as Pluto prepares to leave Capricorn and begin a new journey in Aquarius? Will the 'Capricorn' side of life improve? Will the economy right itself? Will the wealthy continue to get wealthier? Will big business continue to trample roughshod over the smaller independent businesses? Will life get easier for those in power? The answer to all of these questions is 'very unlikely'. The economic and political chaos will begin to settle somewhat in 2025 when Pluto leaves Capricorn for good, but the damage has been done and the outdated aspects of politics, finance and business driven by selfishness and greed, will be dead in the water. A new way of living needs to emerge and Pluto's arrival into Aquarius will see to it that this happens.

Aquarius is the sign that governs society and humanity in general, and so 2023 is going to see the beginnings of some major changes in society. Anything which isn't in keeping with the evolutionary intent of the universe will fall by the wayside, so it will be in our best interests to become clear on what that evolutionary intent is so that we can work in tandem with it.  Aquarius is the sign of equality and diversity, and so Pluto will raze to the ground any group, structure, organisation or belief system that creates separation and inequality. This includes the woke culture, and even groups such as LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter, because although these groups were founded on a drive for equality they are in fact highlighting separation - I am different from you and I am creating an identity around that. This then creates division and generates animosity from those excluded from the group.  Identities or labels that are created around being different will not be in keeping with the Aquarian impulse and 5th dimensional consciousness, and so I see the beginning of the end for the woke culture. True equality does not see skin colour or sexuality, or disability, but instead sees the person and recognises that we are all fundamentally the same. At the same time governments and other organisations that try and perpetuate inequality through wealth will also fall by the wayside. A government that attempts to give more to the rich whilst ignoring the poor will not last, but politicians and governments that adopt a more compassionate and caring approach will do well. The same applies to business and to people in general - the more compassionate we are, the more we give and share, particularly to those who have less than we do - and that may include things like less health, and less opportunities, as much as less money and material prosperity - the more we will begin to thrive. Selfishness in any capacity will self destruct under the Aquarian influence. Aquarius teaches us that since we are all part of the whole, if one person is suffering we all unconsciously feel it and suffer too. We can therefore not be happy and healthy as a society whilst one single person is being excluded or suffering. It is reminiscent of the Bodhisattvas - the enlightened beings who turned away from the reward of eternal bliss in order to come back to earthy reality to assist in helping each and every one of us to become enlightened and thus be free from suffering. That is where we are headed; those of us who have more materially must help those who are struggling to survive, and those of us who have spiritual knowledge must share it with those whose souls are calling for growth. Those who have medical knowledge and skills must help those who are sick, and so on. This is the way that we turn society around and Pluto in Aquarius will see to it that we do, otherwise we will self destruct.

So now we have an idea of what 2023 is asking of us: compassion, equality, sharing, and connection to the whole, it will be advisable to contemplate what your strengths and gifts are and how you can use them to help others.  This may seem like a difficult task, especially for those who are feeling the need to transition from one thing to another. In truth, almost all of us are in transition because hardly anyone is completely living in the 5th Dimension. Perhaps some aspects of our lives are 5D and others still in the 3rd Dimension. Maybe our relationships are thriving but our job feels outdated. Or vice versa.  Or maybe most of our life feels like it's functioning at a high vibration, but the place where we are living doesn't. Or maybe people and situations are falling away and the path ahead is uncertain. This year will require some courageous choices as we feel the pull of our hearts against what is currently in our actual reality. So my advice for 2023 is to be brave and honour what you feel in your heart, even if it completely goes against the grain or doesn't make sense, and trust that whatever happens is all part of the Divine plan.     


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