The Spirit Guide is an in inspirational journey through the history of your soul, including your past lives, positive and negative karma, accumulated baggage, and your soul purpose in this lifetime. This gentle and comforting report also looks at your spiritual evolution and identifies your special gifts, what lessons you are here to learn, and the weaknesses that hold you back. The Spirit Guide is designed to help you get on the right track and live a fulfilling life.

The Spirit Guide is truly amazing - I am reading it in bed every night.  ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON. It's as if you Know Me Precisely!  J. Waterton  Leeds.

 'I really love how the Spirit Guide has been put together and the artwork is stunning! I did not  expect so much information either. Really pleased with it!'

 'The Spirit Guide covered all the aspects I had wished for, fully and with great insight. I wish you every success as one of a new breed of esoteric astrologers.' Lynda Lodge, W. Yorkshire

'Just wanted to tell you again how awesome the report is.' Sally  USA.

Spirit Guide costs £30.00


The prices shown do not include postage as reports are usually emailed. If you would prefer your order to be sent to your postal address you will need to enquire with me as to the current overseas postal charges. For orders over £50 in the UK postage is free. 

Please submit your birth data with your order under Instructions to Merchant. I will need your date, time and place - nearest main town/city, state/county plus country of birth. Eg. 10th October 1969, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England.  Once your order has been recieved I will contact you to confirm your order.



















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