What do the planets have in store for you during the next 12 months?

Could this year be the start of a brand new phase? Or perhaps you need to make changes to your life and need reassurance that you're doing the right thing? Should you be concentrating your efforts on your career or your relationships? Is your soul mate just around the corner or are you set instead to make your fortune? If you are thinking of moving house, is this a good time or should you stay put for a while? What's the best way of dealing with the difficult situations that arise from time to time?

All these questions and more can be answered by studying the movements of the planets in relation to your own personal birth chart. With your date, time and place of birth, I will be able to advise you accordingly and help you to make the most of the next 12 months. You will be warned of any difficult times ahead and told of your forthcoming opportunities so that you can capitalise on them. Understanding why certain things happen to you is the first step to dealing constructively with tricky situations and the Forecast is designed to help you become the master of your own destiny and take control of your life.

The 12 Month Forecast is now better than ever before, with information on both your Sun and Rising sign, Mercury Retrograde phases and how they will affect you, your progressed moon, and a fully comprehensive planetary transit listing which enables you to turn to any month and see what's happening for you.

All in all this is an indispensable guide to help you make the most of the coming year.

'Your Yearly Forecast completely reflects the way I am heading and therefore gives me strength and optimism.'  B Badger,  Yorkshire, UK

'I have had two Forecasts done in the past and yours is definitely the most focussed and accurate..you are amazing!'  I Miller. UK

'The 12 month forecasts that you have provided for me have assisted me tremendously.S Wiseheart. USA


Your forecast will start from the time of receipt unless you specify otherwise.

The Yearly Forecast costs £45.00

The prices shown do not include postage as reports are usually emailed. If you would prefer your order to be sent to your postal address you will need to enquire with me as to the current overseas postal charges. For orders over £50 in the UK postage is free. 

Please submit your birth data with your order under Instructions to Merchant. I will need your date, time and place - nearest main town/city, state/county plus country of birth. Eg. 10th October 1969, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England.  Once your order has been recieved I will contact you to confirm your order.




2022 is here. How can you make the most of what lies ahead?

 Order your 12 Month Forecast to find out how to work in harmony with this year's powerful energies.

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