Discover how compatible you and your partner are and find out how you can improve your relationship with my highly revealing Compatibility Report. 

Both your charts will be assessed for compatibility and the chances of success within marriage or a long term relationship.  Your charts are analysed for similarities, shared interests, sexual chemistry, romance, and can identify potential trouble spots. You will be given advice on how to overcome any difficulties and the differences you may have. And for the spiritually minded, you'll discover if you and your lover were together in a past life and how this is affecting your relationship now.

This service is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their relationship, whether young or old, married or in the first flush of romance. The Compatibility Guide costs £60.00

'I read the Synastry Guide and cried with recognition. I slept 10 hours, undisturbed, that night and did so again last night. Something I haven't done for a while!' Maria Fulham, Todmorden. UK.

 Hi Donna, Thank you so much for the Compatibility Guide. It is spookily accurate and really helpful. I really appreciate it!   C. Everett. London, UK


Please submit both sets of birth data and names of the couple with your order under Instructions to Merchant. I will need your date, time and place - nearest main town/city, state/county plus country of birth. Eg. 10th October 1969, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England.  Once your order has been recieved I will contact you to confirm your order.


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